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TrueSTUDIO®Free C/C++ IDE for ARM development

Free to download and free to use. No code size limits! A commercial-quality tool developed and maintained by Atollic, a professional tools company with years of experience in tools for embedded development.

TrueSTUDIO Pro – Unlock world-class development features

Simply unlock Pro functionality in your TrueSTUDIO IDE — nothing more to install; your project files are undisturbed. Low-cost subscription option.

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Watch a video about TrueSTUDIO

Watch a video about TrueSTUDIO

Atollic TrueSTUDIO IDE 

The free TrueSTUDIO IDE includes these great features

ARM-focused IDE

TrueSTUDIO is exclusively for ARM development with support for over 2500 devices and more than 150 evaluation boards.

Bug and Issue Tracking

GUI client for popular server-side bug database and issue management systems like Bugzilla, Trac or Mantis.

Open Standards

Built on a GCC and GDB foundation with a simplified Eclipse IDE for easy integration of your own plug-ins.


Code editing, code navigation, coding style, code structure visualization and more.

Compiler & Build Tools

All the tools to build high-quality embedded systems: Highly optimizing C/C++ compiler, assembler, linker and more.

Project Management

New project wizards, configuration tool, project explorer, project importer and more.


Single-core debugger, integrated with popular debug probes such as Segger J-Link, ST-Link and P&E Multilink.

Version Control

Deeply integrated version control system clients for the most popular version control systems, such as Subversion (SVN), Git and CVS.

You may be wondering, how we can give away such a great tool at no charge? We get our revenue from

Cost sharing contributions from our microcontroller partners.

These partners believe in the value of providing a commercial quality tool at no-cost to their customers. The alternative is for them to invest in creating a tool of their own which will not have all of the rich features of TrueSTUDIO.

Selling licenses to unlock TrueSTUDIO Pro features

Our subscription model lets you upgrade to Pro for a low annual fee. You can read more about the Pro upgrade here. The upgrade unlocks all of the Pro features along with tech support and updates. And the annual subscription fee is likely significantly less than what you would pay for annual support and maintenance alone on a license from that three letter workbench company.

TrueSTUDIO Pro Logo 

Unlock these features with a TrueSTUDIO Pro license key

Trace & Profiling

Take your Cortex-M debugging to a new level with these real-time visualization tools. Trace data, events, exceptions, memory history and more.

Multicore Debug

Debug multiple cores or boards in the same debug session.

Hard Fault Analysis

Quickly find the Why, What & Where of hard faults. See why the fault occurred, and go directly to the offending code and affected registers.

Build/Memory Analzer

See the RAM and FLASH memory utilization from your latest build, View total size, used and free memory.

RTOS-aware Debug

See the status of RTOS objects such as semaphors and mutexes during debug. Support for FreeRTOS and eight other RTOSes.

Technical Support

Get access to the latest product updates and receive support assistance from Atollic tool experts.

Peer Code Review

Improve the quality of your code with peer-based code review, perhaps the single best code improvement method available..

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