License activate

Activate your TrueSTUDIO license

To use this function, please proceed as follows:

  1. Launch the TrueSTUDIO License Manager (Help -> License Manager...) on the computer that you wish to activate the license on
  2. In the License Manager, select Manage -> Activate... and follow the instructions
  3. On the final step in the "Activate a TruesTUDIO License" wizard, select "Generate Atollic License Information file..." to generate an .ali file
  4. Use the below form to upload the .ali file to Atollic

In return you will receive a download link to the Atollic License Activation file (.alf). The download link will also be sent to your email.
Complete the installation by performing these steps:

  1. In the License Manager, select Manage -> Apply license file... and follow the instructions to apply the .alf file
  2. Your license is now activated