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Installation process is easy. The installation guide will answer questions related to installation. We recommend users with on-going projects, upgrading to a later version, to read the upgrade guide.

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Installation notes

  • Extract the downloaded archive
    $ tar -xvf ~/Downloads/Atollic_TrueSTUDIO_for_STM32_linux_x86_64_v9.3.0_20190212-0734.tar.gz
  • Run, the installation will prompt for install location
    $ cd Atollic_TrueSTUDIO_for_STM32_9.3.0_installer && sudo ./
  • Start TrueSTUDIO from the Applications menu, or alternatively
    start from the command line:
    $ cd /opt/Atollic_TrueSTUDIO_for_STM32_9.3.0/ide && ./TrueSTUDIO

TrueSTUDIO Pro floating license manager

Pro users with a floating license can download the license manager software here.

  • Not needed for TrueSTUDIO for STM32, only for TrueSTUDIO for ARM <= v8.1.0 releases.
  • The floating license manager server works on all operating systems supported by TrueSTUDIO client (see above).
  • The floating licenser manager server can also be hosted using a Microsoft® Windows® virtual machine guest on a Linux/Mac host. VMWare and VirtualBox are supported VM solutions.
  • Ethernet or wi-fi adapter necessary, no other explicit hardware requirements.