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Brand new homepage

Brand new homepage

We hope you will enjoy our new homepage with all new features to make it easier to get information about TrueSTUDIO. If you however find any broken links or other malfunctions, please contact us with that info!


  1. Chris on 2016-12-12 at 14:00


    I found a defective link in your website.
    When I click the “ABOUT US” link, the server replies this:

    “503 Service Unavailable
    Failed to resolve the name of server http”

    There is a missing colon in the hyperlink.
    You should use “http://” instead of “http//”.
    By the way the site is marvelous.

    Best regards,

    • Hans-Åke Gustafsson on 2016-12-13 at 17:19

      Dear Chris,

      This should now be corrected.
      Thank you for pointing it out and for your positive opinion.
      Best Regards

      Hans-Åke Gustafsson M.Sc.
      Atollic AB